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Free Tax Course Online

Drake's Electronic Training Center is an online, interactive site offering tax courses, tutorials, and practice returns, all designed to enhance tax professionals' and preparers' knowledge of tax preparation and Drake Software.
Drake's ETC includes basic and intermediate individual tax courses and a basic corporate tax course. The basic course consists of eight study units and a final exam. It covers subjects such as filing status, dependents, exemptions, deductions, child care and earned income credits, and Schedule C for reporting income. Students can earn up to four CPE credits through the basic tax course. The intermediate course is similar to the basic course but digs more deeply into Schedules C, F, and E, and takes a more thorough look at depreciation. CPE credits are also available for the intermediate course.

The Basic Corporate Tax Course describes and explains the various parts of a corporate 1120 return and shows the student how to use corporate "books" to complete an 1120 in Drake Software. The course includes an in-depth look at Schedule L, Assets and Liabilities (L-1 and L-2), Reconciliation of the Income Statement (M-1), Retained Earnings (M-2), Depreciation, and the use of form 4562. CPE credits are also available for those who take this course.
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