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Tax Solutions by Faith provides income tax preparation for companies and individuals, bookkeeping for small businesses, tax counseling, and amendment options for previous returns. Bookkeeping consists of keeping up with business transactions for checks, withdrawals, deposits, invoices, and purchase orders which should be processed through business bank accounts. The following items are included with your bookkeeping services:

  • An analysis of gross profits vs. total expenses which determines your net income that is taxable by the IRS and Department of your state of business.
  • An Income Statement that shows income and expenses over a range of time, reflecting the difference as a profit (income greater than expenses) or a loss (income less than expenses).
  • A General Ledger that shows the chart of accounts for each transaction accordingly.
  • A 1040-ES package that shows the break down of estimated tax for individuals, if it applies to your type of business.
  • Free business and tax preparation, if Tax Solutions by Faith has been doing bookkeeping for a whole year.
  • Send in estimated tax electronically to the IRS.
For a copy of a tax return, please contact our office or send an email with your name, phone number, and last four digits of social security number.